Google Gets More Precise with Hummingbird Launch

Posted on November 21st, 2013 by

Google launched its latest and largest upgrade to its algorithm since 2001 a few months ago, and it is looking to take user results to a whole new level. Hummingbird is Google’s newest release that has tweaked the system to take in searches as whole phrases as opposed to only looking at key words.

You probably did not notice changes to your site, considering Google did not even announce Hummingbird’s release until it had already been working for a couple months. Hummingbird is not like Penguin or Panda- it is merely looking to improve search result quality, not necessarily knock people out of the race. However, there is always room for improvement, and those with spammy SEO tactics should be afraid. Google is now looking to take a search as a whole and really dissect the question you are asking. For example, if you search “where is the closest insurance attorney to my house?,” Google’s Hummingbird update will now give you results that are, literally, attorneys closest to your home that deal with insurance litigation. These results are given as opposed to just picking up the key words “insurance attorney” and giving you the listing for every single insurance attorney in your area and beyond. Make sense?

We have all had that one search that Google provides an absolutely ridiculous result to. We’ve all stared at our screens at least once saying “Google, seriously?! Not even close to what I wanted.” That is what Hummingbird is trying to avoid. Google is in the business of perfecting search, and Hummingbird is just another step there.

The marketing and SEO team at Attorney’s Online, Inc stays up-to-date on all of Google’s new algorithms to ensure our client pages are fully optimized. We have already started making changes to ensure Hummingbird is a fan of our web pages, as well as making them informational and relatable to our clients’ consumers. It is always our goal to continuously improve and rebuild sites for our clients to provide only the best legal websites in the business.

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