Four New Legal Shows from Indianapolis Now in Post-Production

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Our video production crew just returned last week from visiting Doehrman Chamberlain in Indianapolis, Indiana. In addition to video for their own site,, we also shot four long form videos of legal shows that will stream on our sister site,

Our video producer sat down with Tom Doehrman (pictured above) and discussed brain injury and birth injury in Indiana. Besides representing individual clients and families, Tom explained that his firm was appealing the Indiana damage cap on birth injury cases. We wish Tom the best to change an unfair and unconstitutional law that harms families and children, whose lives have been forever altered by medical negligence. We hope that damage awards are once again to be decided by juries after a full examination of the facts.

We also sat down with Dan Chamberlain to discuss his and the firm’s long time support of the Brain Injury Association of America. Dan is currently the Chair of the national advocacy group, and the firm is an avid supporter of the local chapters in Indiana, as well.

Finally, Dan Buba got in the hot seat to explain why trucking accidents are a particular problem throughout the Hoosier state. He revealed secrets of the trucking industry and offered insider knowledge regarding such accidents that is important for people to understand.

Watch for the new shows soon, and thank you to the entire staff at Doehrman Chamberlain for making us feel so welcome as we took over your offices!

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