A History of Top Notch Attorney Marketing

Wondering yet how this legal marketing powerhouse got its start? In 1998, producer Cheney Winslow took note of how the internet was evolving into something big.  As a behind-the-scenes marketing expert, she saw a need for attorneys to expand their firm’s exposure.  She went after a vertical market and was a pioneer in pushing the envelope regarding how attorneys were visually presented to a world-wide market for the first time.

Since then, Attorneys Online™, Inc. has continued to grow and expand as this mammoth that is the world wide web has connected all of us. As a visionary attorney marketing company with a logical grasp on where the future is heading, we strive to keep our select group of firms ahead of the marketing curve by testing new avenues as they become available – and usually before competitors jump on the bandwgon. Working almost exclusively with attorneys and law firms has helped us develop an expertise for a putting a positive spin on a historically negative market (who hasn’t heard a lawyer joke?) and reinforce positive reputations for our clients.

Attorneys Online™, Inc. provides brochures, print campaigns, media buys, web design, audio/video production, commercials, marketing, and public relations services for some of the most prestigious law firms in the United States and Canada.

About Attorneys Online™, Inc. CEO Cheney Winslow

Winslow has over 20 years of experience producing commercials, print campaigns, television programming and feature films. Her experience in these areas has allowed AOI to create the most advanced graphics, video, and audio technology on the internet today. More importantly, her drive and tenacity has given AOI’s clients the strong competitive edge they need in today’s marketplace. Large, corporate law firm advertising companies can get lazy and drop the ball; Winslow is fiercely dedicated to keeping her clients’ law firm marketing up-to-date and where it needs to be.

Attorneys Online™, Inc.’s Sister Company: AskTheLawyers.com

In September of 1999, Winslow launched AskTheLawyers.com, an interactive online service where individuals obtain an initial consultation via email with an attorney in their area. Through a network of media and online alliances, AskTheLawyers.com has brought tremendous exposure to its law firm sponsors.

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