Expect New AOI Videos After The 2014 AAJ Winter Conference

Posted on February 4th, 2014 by

We hear from clients all the time that our videos go a long way towards providing the necessary human element to their marketing strategies. Videos give your potential clients the feeling that they have met you before, making your firm more approachable and relatable. If you are attending the 2014 AAJ Winter Convention on February 8-12 at the Sheraton in New Orleans, you will see the Attorneys Online Inc. team setting up our mobile video studio in one of the meeting rooms.

Bear in mind, our CEO Cheney Winslow has over 30 years of experience in movie and television production. According to one of our clients, Cheney Winslow’s “experience in video marketing…comes through in the professional quality of the work she’s doing with us.” Our video crew can record over 40 video segments in a day, including scripted teleprompter sequences and improvised Q&A interviews. We will be using a green screen at the convention so that we can place our clients in a variety of contexts.

Adding video content to your law firm’s website increases searchability and boosts potential client interest. Our video team takes care of all the writing and production, so all you need to focus on is delivering your honest message. If you are interested in developing a video presence for your law firm or would like to schedule some time with us at the AAJ convention, contact our legal marketing specialists today at 800-221-8424.

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