Attorneys Online™, Inc. provides articles for law firms to use for electronic and/or hard copy newsletters.

Each newsletter article is custom-written just for your firm by writers with professional legal knowledge. Our eNewsletter programming enables the content used online to be refreshed weekly in order to help keep your site dynamic. The addition of Attorneys Online™, Inc. custom eNewsletters also aids in the placement of your website in the natural listings of the major search engines.

These eNewsletters will be linked to your site, but you can also send them out electronically or as hard copies.

Five newsletters are written at the onset, and an additional newsletter is added each month. The website can feature the article headlines on your homepage. This specialized programming changes the titles, teasers and newsletter feature weekly to keep your content fresh. The homepage addition gives people a reason to drill down further into the site if a topic interests them. A reader spending more time on your site is one of the factors that search engines look at to determine placement.

If you would more information about how we can customize our eNewsletter service to fit the needs of your law firm, contact Attorneys Online™, Inc. to schedule a free consultation.