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We have previously blogged about the importance of having a basic understanding the search engine “crawlers,” or the software that reads through millions of web pages to update their indexes and produce search results. There are different kinds of crawlers, and the ones that provide instantaneous results do not read every page of a website looking for new content. Some crawlers just scan a homepage looking for new information.

This means that for a website to receive the most attention from the crawlers, it is important that the homepage, not just pages on the site, be updated on a regular basis. We update and constantly change the content of homepages by our eNewsletter service.

eNewsletters electrify your search rankings by:

  • Providing changing content on the homepage and the site itself for the search engine bots to crawl through and index;
  • Increasing the number of website pages and hot links on your site;
  • Using keywords targeted to your practice area so interested people can find you;
  • Offering teasers to give people a reason to linger on your site longer, which is a consideration for the ranking algorithms; and
  • Educating interested people about your practice areas so they convert into clients.

In addition to these benefits to your website, the eNewsletters can be used as email transmissions to past and current clients to keep in touch and to forward to interested friends and family members. The eNewsletter will be posted to the body of the email so all the links are hot and the email page is branded. This prevents eNewsletters from being transmitted as attachments (and ending up in people’s spam folders).

In addition to email, eNewsletter articles can be posted to your social media accounts and on legal websites. Hard copies of the articles can also be used in print campaigns, for reception room reading materials and to hand out at meetings or conventions.

Contact us for more information, we would love to show you what we can do for your website and business.

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