Doing a law firm TV advertisement? You need a vanity number.

Posted on May 30th, 2007 by

Many clients call and ask us if they should invest advertising dollars into television advertising.  Our reply is usually, “Yes, if you have a good number and you have the money to really push it”.  In essence, the most important element of the television ad is that the phone number should be easy to remember.  While it is great to have a number like 1800-SmithLaw, the truth is, the television viewer is more likely to remember that you are a law firm rather than that your firm name is Smith.  The best vanity number available is definitely 1-800-Lawyers (or 1-800-Abogado in Spanish).  People dial these numbers by default; however, your television ads will just reinforce this.  Surprisingly, this number is still available in many areas.  If you are looking into television advertising as part of your law firm’s marketing plan, consider the vanity numbers 1800 LAWYERS and 1800 ABOGADO for your law firm. If you need assistance in placing attorney television media buys, our attorney marketing consultants can assist you with that, as well.   


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