Does My Legal Website Need a Blog?

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Short answer: Yes!

The Google Gods have made it clear that quality websites will give you a stronger ranking. Having a legal website with good structure and easy navigation is part of the equation, but the blog is the piece of the website that will significantly boost your ranking.

Most importantly, the blog is a showcase of your firm’s personality, which is critical in making inroads with potential clients.

How Do You Create a Good Blog?

A good blog will include content that is:

  • Relevant

o  You must have a blog with useful information. This content cannot be random bits of information; rather it needs to relate to the area you practice. This includes content that offers practical legal knowledge for the users. In other words, if the content is not helpful in solving a users problem, the Google Gods will exile your website to the far reaches of the ranking realm.

  • Current

o  Maintaining a current blog means that content is updated on a regular basis, and at a minimum, you should post once a week. The gold standard is posting two to three times a week.

If done correctly, the blog can play the biggest role in increasing your ranking with the search engines, which in turn leads to more traffic through your legal website, which in turn leads to clients.

However, there are many nuances to the blogging game. If you consistently publish content that is counter to what the search engines are wanting, you lose.

At Attorneys Online Inc. (AOI), we understand that to succeed in the ranking game you must have a functioning blog to please the Google Gods. Watch the video below to learn how AOI uses blogging to increase your online presence:

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