Why is Ngage Live Chat Important for Attorney Websites?

Law Firm Marketing Specialists Use Interactive Features to Engage, Convert Clients

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Ngage Live Chat:

  • Offers a personal touch to website visitors who have likely been involved in an accident or have another major life problem and are seeking help
  • Is available 24 hours a day
  • Sends the leads to the attorney immediately
  • Keeps visitors on the site longer

When people are searching for a lawyer, they are looking for two things: information and guidance. They want to know how to solve a legal problem, and they want to know why you are the best attorney for them. Your site can be beautifully designed, informative and well-optimized, but it is up to the client to start the conversation. Ngage inspires your future clients to make that first step and reach out for your help.

When visiting a site with Ngage live chat, the visitor is immediately asked how an attorney can help via online chat. The visitor gives a brief description of his or her legal issue, and the attorney now has the opportunity to connect with a new client.

How Does Ngage Live Chat Work for Law Firms?

Ngage has proven itself an effective tool for client conversions. Here’s how it works:

  1. When someone visits the site, a pop-up window appears, politely asking if the user would like to Live Chat. If the visitor clicks “No, thanks”, the window will go away.
  2. If the visitor clicks “Yes”, a live person responds and chats. The live person is not an attorney and does not offer legal advice. Rather, the live chat person asks the visitor where she is located, what type of case she might have, how long ago the incident occurred and how she prefers to be contacted.
  3. The Live Chat session is immediately sent to the law firm. The point of the Live Chat session is to obtain the basic information from the visitor to determine whether the law firm would be interested in further speaking to him.
  4. The law firm or attorney can then contact the visitor to obtain more information or schedule a consultation. Often, the first attorney who responds to a prospective client will be the one the person goes to see, so it is important to act quickly after a viable Live Chat lead.

There is a one-time set up fee to begin the service. After that, you only pay for valid inquires on the site. If the visitor accidentally clicked on the Live Chat, or the legal matter or geographic location is outside the realm of the attorney’s practice areas, you will not be charged. If you wish to dispute a charge, Ngage has been very accommodating to our clients. This is one of the reasons we recommend Ngage over other Live Chat services.

Contact the legal marketing specialists at Attorneys Online™, Inc. for more information about Ngage Live Chat and how our clients benefit from these services.