Does My Law Firm Need a Responsive Website Design?

Responsive Website DesignHow would your law firm’s website look if a potential client pulled it up on a smartphone? Would your site be easy to navigate and read, or feature the most up-to-date information (great for Search Engine Optimization!) at the top? With the popularity of mobile devices, you would be excluding a large pool of visitors from your site if it does not cater to the technology-driven world of today. Chances are you may be reading this on you cellphone or tablet right now – and if you are not, you could be!

What the Heck is a Responsive Website Design?

Our site, and many of our clients’ sites, now features Responsive Website Design (RWD). This is just a fancy term for a website that “responds” to the size of the device an individual is using, from a scaled-down mobile version to a full-fledged desktop site. By utilizing the latest mobile programs, our team of genius website designers (dare we call them ingenious) is able to move different aspects of your site around to create a cleaner layout that adapts to whatever internet-ready device is being used.

Other examples of RWD sites you should visit on your mobile device to see what all the fuss is about include:

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