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This phase of Attorneys Online™ Inc.’s marketing strategy would be to increase your ranking in the algorithmic or “natural” listings with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of the pages of your site. SEO is the technique used to achieve higher rankings in these natural listings. After extensive keyword linguistics research, we will optimize your content and improve your keyword density ratio by strategically imbedding keyword phrases in your text that will encourage the robots from the search engines to rank you higher and be consumer friendly.

Google Makes Sweeping Changes to Pay Per Click Ads

The First Search Page May Never Look the Same Again Last month, Google made some changes to pay per click ads on a desktop search that drew some raised eyebrows from the search engine optimization (SEO) community. It removed the advertisements from the right-hand sidebar and increased the number of paid text advertisements that appear on the first search engine results page (SERP). Let’s break this down. In the past when you searched for a topic, there was a side bar full of Pay Per Click (PPC) ads pertaining to the topic you searched. There were also maybe one or two text ads listed at the top of the search results. Well, Google decided to just do away with the sidebar, so that’s gone now. Instead, there are four PPC ads that completely dominate the initial search results screen. Only when you begin scrolling down do you see the organic…
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How Social Media Works With SEO for Law Firm Websites

Social media has become one of the most confusing marketing tools for firms in the legal field to navigate. This has turned it into a bit of a boogieman that scares just as many people as it delights, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t use social media to your marketing advantage. While social media does not necessarily have instant benefits regarding SEO for law firm websites, over time, it can improve your organic rankings. How Does Social Media Work With Marketing? First thing you must realize is that social media isn’t a direct tool for sales. As a matter of fact, you usually get a backlash if you try to sell your services over social media. Yes, internet trolls may pop up from time to time. However, this doesn’t mean social media is useless! It is a tool, and for the tool to work, you have to use it…
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How Google’s Latest Update Impacts Legal Websites

This past November, Google publicly (and intentionally) released the full version of its Search Quality Rater’s Guidelines. Though Google is keeping the specific details about its search algorithm to itself, the guidelines certainly give us a better idea of what type of qualities Google expects to see from a high-ranking website. The file is a whopping 160 pages of search result examples with detailed reasons why certain results are good or bad (or in some cases, neither), so we thought we would save you some time and pulled the insight that affects you the most. Your Money, Your Life and How It Affects Your Website In section 2.3 of the guidelines, Google introduces a new search category to help rank websites according to their expertise and authority. “Your Money, Your Life” (YMYL) describes any website with information that affects the well-being of its user, including: Financial security and information Personal…
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