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Search engine placement is the end result of search engine optimization (SEO), which combines keywords, relevant content, backlinks, web design and more to come up at the top of the page for an internet user.

Lessons Learned from DiGiorno’s Social Media Screwup

Why it Matters to Look Before you Tweet Social media sites exploded with activity after the Baltimore Ravens fired Ray Rice following the release of a shocking video that showed him punching his then-girlfriend, Janay Palmer, and knocking her unconscious. Users were quick to lobby accusations of guilt: at Rice for punching a woman, at the NFL for failing to punish him in time and at Janay herself for staying with an abusive man. The incident inspired a conversation about domestic violence, and the hashtag #whyistayed started trending on Twitter. Victims of domestic violence used the hashtag to explain why they stayed in toxic relationships. Before researching the tag, pizza company DiGiorno jumped aboard the bandwagon, tweeting: “#WhyIStayed You had pizza.” DiGiorno immediately realized its mistake. Just minutes after posting the tweet, users slammed the pizza maker’s account for being insensitive to domestic violence and for using the issue as…
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Local Listings Soar with Google Pigeon Update

Google Pigeon is the newest animal to join Google’s zoo of SEO updates, already crowded with pandas, penguins and hummingbirds. This one is all about enhancing local searches – finding the most relevant results closest to the searcher. While other updates have emphasized the importance of fresh content, quality backlinks and smartphone-friendly search queries, Pigeon (so dubbed by the SEO analysts working to figure it out) largely effects how a site appears when someone searches for a nearby business. Many website owners are seeing local listings show up more frequently in the results, and some have noticed a change in how their business appears on Google Maps. What Changed with the Google Pigeon Update? As it likes to do with its algorithm changes, Google has revealed just a narrow glimpse behind the curtain of this new update, but we do know that Pigeon: Ties together ranking signals from a variety…
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Why All the SEO Changes?

Google continues going through great lengths to change SEO rules in hopes of preserving internet equality for all pages. This means that although one company may have figured out a way to use the latest Google algorithm to its advantage to get top listing, SEO changes dictate it won’t stay that way for long. To understand why Google keeps us all on our toes, a history lesson may be necessary. In the before time (i.e. 2007), nearly three-quarters of Americans came down with a terrible case of “search engine fatigue,” according to a landmark Autobytel study. The symptoms, similar to the plague sans the boils, included a persistent inability to find what they were looking for in the first three pages of Google due to advertising overload. In those days, a page’s number of inbound links determined its ranking. Such a ranking system would be sound if the internet was…
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