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Attorneys Online™, Inc.’s Sponsored Net Ad Placement (SNAP) get our clients listed at the top of major search engines. Attorneys Online, Inc. offers search engine registration as well as keyword buy, or “Pay-Per-Click”, campaigns on Google and Yahoo Search Marketing (formerly Overture). This would give your Firm top listings in the first page of search results on major search engines such as Google, AOL, EarthLink, AT&T WorldNet, MSN, Yahoo, Alta Vista, Lycos, Excite, as well as Verizon’s, the web’s number one online Yellow Pages for specific keywords and phrases pertinent to your areas of practice and geographic location. Keyword buys are much more effective and economical than banners or other ads. You are not charged by Google, Yahoo, Verizon or their partners for your listing to show in these top positions; you are only charged your bid amount (Pay-Per-Click) when the searcher actually clicks on your link and goes to your website for more information. We have had tremendous success with these campaigns for our clients.

Difficult Made Easy

             If lawyer advertising was a breeze, everyone would be doing it. But, unfortunately, it is not as simple as putting a poster board on the side of the road that says “Legal Advice—Just Call 123-4567.” At the same time, Attorneys Online doesn’t think law firm marketing is the advertising equivalent of the Rubic’s Cube, either.               The possibility of getting the name of your law firm before the eyes of potential clients still has the best chances for the least cost by using the internet. The use of Google, Yahoo, and other search engines for lawyer marketing continues to be cost effective in most areas, depending on the search terms you choose to use as the foundation of your attorney advertising. By bringing search engine optimization into play, your law firm web advertising is even more effective because your website is moved into better placement leading to free…
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Spend a little to keep your law firm’s pipeline filled

The economy stinks right now; we all know it and we can’t dispute it and it doesn’t matter whether you call it a recession, a depression, or the end of the world.  But, even now, you still need lawyer marketing.  How can you possibly spend more on anything when you are having to downsize on everything?  Well, it is all about strategy (which I know my attorneys understand).  Let’s say you stop marketing.  Your business will then have to rely on your current caseload and referrals.  Now, if you are an established firm with plenty of current clients and you regularly get plenty of referrals, this may not affect you too much.  But, if you are worried that things are drying up or that people are no longer able to afford your legal fees, stopping your law firm marketing is pretty much guaranteeing nothing is going to come in the…
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The Fastest Way to You is a Straight Line

        Your law firm marketing should form a straight line between you and potential clients. Rather than meandering all over the place in an unfocused manner, the keywords that are considered most important in your pay-per-click campaign can be the same ones written into the text of your law firm website design. That same straight line can then continue to be the one that makes search engine optimization work most efficiently for your lawyer advertising.         When everything in your law firm internet marketing is lined up, it provides the quickest route from the potential client to you.         We can help you make the two points meet. Attorneys Online, Inc., knows how to make a mixed up, curvy line straight to make the most of your attorney advertising campaign. Let us help you get the kinks out.

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