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Attorneys Online™, Inc.’s Sponsored Net Ad Placement (SNAP) get our clients listed at the top of major search engines. Attorneys Online, Inc. offers search engine registration as well as keyword buy, or “Pay-Per-Click”, campaigns on Google and Yahoo Search Marketing (formerly Overture). This would give your Firm top listings in the first page of search results on major search engines such as Google, AOL, EarthLink, AT&T WorldNet, MSN, Yahoo, Alta Vista, Lycos, Excite, as well as Verizon’s, the web’s number one online Yellow Pages for specific keywords and phrases pertinent to your areas of practice and geographic location. Keyword buys are much more effective and economical than banners or other ads. You are not charged by Google, Yahoo, Verizon or their partners for your listing to show in these top positions; you are only charged your bid amount (Pay-Per-Click) when the searcher actually clicks on your link and goes to your website for more information. We have had tremendous success with these campaigns for our clients.

Call Only Campaigns: The Future of Pay Per Click for Attorneys

Most Google searches are now originating from mobile devices. Google has added to its Pay Per Click (PPC) platform Call Only campaigns just for smartphones. An interested person, when clicking your call only ad, is not directed to your website, but instead a phone call to your office is placed. Call Only campaigns are sometimes referred to as Click to Call. Call Only campaigns are the future of PPC, as fewer and fewer Google searches are being made from desktop computers. Our clients have seen some fantastic results from Call Only campaigns. Some of our Call Only clients are seeing conversion rates near 50%. Call Only campaigns significantly outperform desktop search campaigns in total phone call volume and conversions. Click prices are comparable with desktop rates. Spanish Keywords: Inexpensive and Effective In addition to Call Only campaigns, our marketing firm has also experienced great success for our clients with Spanish…
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Google Makes Sweeping Changes to Pay Per Click Ads

The First Search Page May Never Look the Same Again Last month, Google made some changes to pay per click ads on a desktop search that drew some raised eyebrows from the search engine optimization (SEO) community. It removed the advertisements from the right-hand sidebar and increased the number of paid text advertisements that appear on the first search engine results page (SERP). Let’s break this down. In the past when you searched for a topic, there was a side bar full of Pay Per Click (PPC) ads pertaining to the topic you searched. There were also maybe one or two text ads listed at the top of the search results. Well, Google decided to just do away with the sidebar, so that’s gone now. Instead, there are four PPC ads that completely dominate the initial search results screen. Only when you begin scrolling down do you see the organic…
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January 2013: Our Greatest Pay Per Click Results Ever!

Our Pay Per Click services are a great way to target your advertising to internet users searching for your relevant practice areas. Pay Per Click, or Sponsored Natural Ad Placement (SNAP, as we call it) are banner ads that we design to appear based on the user’s natural internet searches. We have been retooling our Pay-Per-Click advertising to make it as effective as possible, and January 2013 was our greatest month ever! The conversion rate, or the number of internet users who turn into clients, is up 49.80 percent. The form submission rate, or the number of contact forms users fill out from the ads, is up 29.25 percent. The click-through rate, or the percentage of ad viewers who view the ad and click on it, is up an astonishing 103.33 percent! Thanks to our team of Pay Per Click staffers who work very hard to increase website traffic and…
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