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Attorneys Online™, Inc. now offers our clients their own web logs or BLOGS. This is your own online publication that you update as regularly as you wish. You can share thoughts, articles, newsworthy tidbits and link to other sites that you feel are pertinent to your areas of practice. These web logs help to establish, you, the author, as an authority of different subjects and will assist in the placement of your site in the natural listings of the major search engines because of the fresh content added regularly coupled with Attorneys Online™ 48 HOUR NAP™ program and RSS feeds. This information will help build loyalty with your readership.

Local Listings Soar with Google Pigeon Update

Google Pigeon is the newest animal to join Google’s zoo of SEO updates, already crowded with pandas, penguins and hummingbirds. This one is all about enhancing local searches – finding the most relevant results closest to the searcher. While other updates have emphasized the importance of fresh content, quality backlinks and smartphone-friendly search queries, Pigeon (so dubbed by the SEO analysts working to figure it out) largely effects how a site appears when someone searches for a nearby business. Many website owners are seeing local listings show up more frequently in the results, and some have noticed a change in how their business appears on Google Maps. What Changed with the Google Pigeon Update? As it likes to do with its algorithm changes, Google has revealed just a narrow glimpse behind the curtain of this new update, but we do know that Pigeon: Ties together ranking signals from a variety…
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How Do You Come Up With Legal Blog Ideas?

The Writing Staff At Attorneys Online Shares Some Secrets Here at Attorneys Online Inc., we work with more than fifty esteemed law firms based in cities all over the United States. We create legal blog entries, content for webpages, and monthly newsletters on subjects ranging from bicycle safety in San Diego to tugboat accidents in Nova Scotia. All told, our writing staff composes hundreds upon hundreds of pages of content every month in order to make our clients’ websites compelling and engaging. One question we get a lot is “how do you come up with so many new blog ideas?” And to tell the truth, it isn’t easy! In order to keep up with the myriad subjects and areas in which our clients practice, our writing staff must constantly scour the web for news stories, government reports, think pieces and scholarly studies. Our job does not end at 5pm, either—if…
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Does My Legal Website Need a Blog?

Short answer: Yes! The Google Gods have made it clear that quality websites will give you a stronger ranking. Having a legal website with good structure and easy navigation is part of the equation, but the blog is the piece of the website that will significantly boost your ranking. Most importantly, the blog is a showcase of your firm’s personality, which is critical in making inroads with potential clients. How Do You Create a Good Blog? A good blog will include content that is: Relevant o  You must have a blog with useful information. This content cannot be random bits of information; rather it needs to relate to the area you practice. This includes content that offers practical legal knowledge for the users. In other words, if the content is not helpful in solving a users problem, the Google Gods will exile your website to the far reaches of the…
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