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Attorneys Online™, Inc. now offers our clients their own web logs or BLOGS. This is your own online publication that you update as regularly as you wish. You can share thoughts, articles, newsworthy tidbits and link to other sites that you feel are pertinent to your areas of practice. These web logs help to establish, you, the author, as an authority of different subjects and will assist in the placement of your site in the natural listings of the major search engines because of the fresh content added regularly coupled with Attorneys Online™ 48 HOUR NAP™ program and RSS feeds. This information will help build loyalty with your readership.

How To Make A Legal Blog: It’s All About the Conversation

A long time ago, in a legal industry not so far away, every lawyer had a whitepaper, or a newsletter, or an op-ed. Most of the attorneys that did this were trying to get more prospective clients to notice them, but that strategy has always had mixed results. Sometimes the right people would see these print articles and bring their business to that lawyer, but high circulation numbers were what fueled the success of this type of marketing. Well, times have changed, and the internet has turned impersonal crowd-building into hyperpersonal networking. The Difference Between Publishing And Legal Blogging Blogs have stepped in as the new age replacement for print articles, but the similarities end there. Blogging has a special power—it allows your audience to talk back to you, and that means simply generating high circulation won’t necessarily maximize what your blogs can do. How To Make A Legal Blog:…
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Can I Maintain a Website and Do My Own Online Marketing?

Online marketing has made a huge impact on how lawyers market themselves to potential clients. Even starter firms with a small budget can create websites or social media campaigns to help them promote their services to new clients and promote the firm’s brand online. It takes more than good content to manage a website. Most attorneys are smart enough to navigate website designers and social media platforms on their own, but some insights come only with time and experience. How Can I Make Improve My Website? Several factors can determine a website’s success or failure: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – SEO is how search engines like Google and Bing find your website. The right keywords (medical malpractice attorney, personal injury lawyer, etc.) should be specific enough to drive traffic to an attorney’s page, but not so broad that the site owner gets a lot of unnecessary traffic. Sites with poor…
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Does Your Legal Website Give Visitors the Information They Need?

According to Google, the single most important thing you can provide your legal website is high quality content. This means you have a website that has useful information for visitors. If you think about it, all Google users come to the search engine to get an answer to a question. In this fast paced world we live in, users do not have the time nor patience to wade through pages-upon-pages of content to get their answer. Instead, they want their question answered immediately. If your site provides content that is succinct in the topics it covers and (most importantly) actually answers a visitor’s questions, your site will not only receive a higher ranking, but a potential visitor could become a potential client. And that is the whole point in all of this, right? How Can You Give Internet Users What They are Looking for? As you might have guessed, the…
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