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Hard-copy marketing can include brochures, mailers, newsletters, print-outs, billboards and other forms of print media for legal marketing and attorney advertising.

Law firm marketing on a regional basis

One important thing to look for in a lawyer internet marketing company is that the company realizes that what works in one region of the US does not necessarily work in all of them.  For example, in some parts of the US, Yahoo is used more than Google (hard to believe, I know).  Some US searchers in one part of the country use the word “lawyer” more than “attorney”.  Some terms, such as DUI or DWI, vary state to state.  Now, while your marketing company may not have clients everywhere (which is good for you since the company doesn’t focus on your competitors), the company has to have the ability to adjust your campaign to allow for these differences. Whether you are doing PPC campaigns, optimization, or print campaigns, your marketing needs to flexibility to adjust with the consumer needs and searches.

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Since “Life’s Short”, are all ads fair game?

By now, we have all heard about the infamous Chicago divorce billboard.  If you haven’t, you can see it here.  Basically, it shows a voluptuous woman’s torso in black lingerie on one side and a tan, male torso with washboard abs on the other.  In the middle is the tag line “Life’s Short. Get a Divorce.”   The purpose of advertising is to elicit a response and the national controversy that this advertisement stirred up did just that.  Was this a genius ad?  Or does it push the limits too far and become offensive?   What do you think?

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Attorneys Online at the State Bar of Texas Annual Meeting and Convention

Attorneys Online, Inc. just finished a two-day convention in downtown Austin, TX at the State Bar of Texas Annual Meeting and Convention. Notwithstanding the inexplicable closing of the exhibit hall during lunch or the fact that the attendees really had no reason to visit the hall, we actually had a great turn out. We were using the convention as an opportunity to train some new Marketing Consultants that we’ve hired to keep up with all the law firms that are beginning to turn to us for web sites, web marketing, print campaigns, etc. Thus, we wondered if maybe we weren’t a little overstaffed for the event. But there were more than a few times when all five of us were busy giving “run-downs” of our services. In fact, the amount of traffic to and from our display even prompted neighbors Scott and Kevin employed by a much larger, unnamed competitor…
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