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Producer Cheney Winslow has a successful background in the production of commercials, print campaigns, television programming, and feature film work, founded Attorneys Online™, Inc. in 1998. This background allows them to effectively produce and place television commercials and sponsorships for both local and national campaigns. Additionally, they have experience with creating advertisements for other mediums, including newspapers, radio, yellow page ads and more.

The Best of Both Worlds: Offline Advertising Tied to Online Results

Marketing your law firm can be a tricky business. Where do you start? What method is best? Who is looking for you? These are tough questions that don’t always have one solution. One law firm marketing company may tell you that print is dying and a waste of your time. Another law firm marketing consultant may tout that all you need is online marketing. If you have the budget to do so, why not do both? Good question. In a recent article posted by AdWeek many companies have started the use of “blended” media which allows you to combine traditional advertising like TV, Radio, or Print and track your efforts through your website. The purpose of the offline media use is to drive consumers to a website or phone number and use the information to track results. This approach can apply to your law firm as well and help you…
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Vanity Number Interest is up for Lawyer Marketing

It seems that there may be an increasing trend toward trying to get great law firm vanity numbers.  While we always get inquiries for the numbers, the number of inquiries has tripled in the last few months.  Why the sudden interest? To be quite honest, we started pushing these numbers a lot harder than we used to.  Part of the reason for this is that some of our clients are putting more effort into their television and radio advertisements and the most effective thing you can do is to have a memorable phone number.  Sure, 1800-John Law sounds like a good number, but if the listener can’t remember your name, they can’t remember the number. While some of the best numbers (800-LAWYERS and 800-ABOGADO) have been taken in many states for years, there may still be availability in a few markets.  Additionally, there are other great numbers out there, such…
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