Bankruptcy Attorney Neil Sader Makes Reddit’s Top 10 for an AMA

Posted on February 23rd, 2016 by

Sader-AMA-no-textLast week, our team at Attorneys Online, Inc. brought a hot topic onto Reddit, the wildly popular social internet news website. AOI client Neil Sader, a Kansas City bankruptcy attorney, created an Ask Me Anything (AMA) post onto Reddit to answer questions from everyday individuals.

While questions were mostly on student loan debt, Sader also answered questions on bankruptcy options, IRS tax, debt relief and questions on other financial issues people have come across in recent years. While Sader and our AOI team expected it to be a successful thread, we did not expect to receive thousands of comments on one post, nor make it to the Front Page of Reddit. And yet, (not to toot our own horns) the post made it into the top eight posts, received more than 5,000 comments and was mentioned on several other online news sites.

Neil Sader Answers Questions and Reveals Scary Truths About Student Loans

So why did this post get such an enormous amount of attention? The student loan debt topic and Sader’s dry wit were certainly major factors. Student loan debt and bankruptcy are a huge problem in the U.S. and Sader received a variety of questions, including inquiries on what the most common type of debt was, circumstantial inquiries from many individuals who are confused on how to handle their debt and his opinion on whether there will ever be legislation that would discharge student loan debt (Sader called that a “pipe dream”). Our favorite takeaways from the AMA included the following:

  • Student loans don’t go away when you file for bankruptcy
  • Fleeing to Canada will not make your student loans go away
  • Eventually, we will likely see individuals with more than $1 million in student loan debt
  • This overwhelming debt will eventually force a policy reform for federal student loans (don’t get too excited, Sader expects this will be a long time from now)
  • “Bankruptcy is for the honest debtor,” according to Sader. In other words, you can’t run up your credit cards (even to try consolidate student loan debt) and file for bankruptcy.

The sheer number of people who became involved in the conversation about student loan debt and bankruptcy drew attention from several internet news sources. Sader’s AMA was featured on College Raptor, which highlighted the most terrifying aspects of Sader’s matter-of-fact responses to questions on student loan debt. The AMA was also mentioned in an article from attn:, which quoted Sader on a story covering U.S. Marshalls who are arresting people in Texas for not paying on federal student loans (scary!).

Needless to say, Sader didn’t get a chance to respond to all 5,000+ comments. However, at some point, the thread took on its own life and became a forum for people to provide helpful input on each other’s situations.

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