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Why Should My Law Firm Use Day in the Life Videos?

At Attorneys Online, Inc., we use videos to showcase the importance of a face-to-face relationship between clients and attorneys. Day in the Life videos benefit both the client seeking justice and the attorney seeking a quality, personal case. What Three Purposes Do Day in the Life Videos Serve? ENCOURAGE A STRONG SETTLEMENT. In these short documentaries, our team at AOI will capture a day in the life of your client. In order to avoid a lengthy trial, the video will help to show that your client has a powerful and moving story that will encourage a strong settlement. If you do go to trial, your video can capture a jury, and the jury will be able to better connect with your client. INSIDE LOOK AT CLIENT’S LIFE. Our team will spend two to three days with your client to capture what their life is like. For some, that includes the…
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