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On May 13, the staff from Attorneys Online Inc. (AOI) will head to Indianapolis to visit our long time client, Doehrman Chamberlain, for a video shoot for their website. This will not be the only thing on our plate. Cheney Winslow, CEO of AOI, will meet with prospective clients in the Indianapolis area that practice non-personal injury cases. This post will explain why that is important.

The personal injury law firm of Doehrman Chamberlain has been a client of AOI’s for many years. This firm has established itself as one of the premier personal injury law firms in Indianapolis because it has accrued many victories for their injured clients. But Doehrman Chamberlain understand that in today’s world you need the marketing strategy behind the scenes to bolster that success. Since becoming a client of AOI’s, we have worked—and still work—on all marketing aspects for this firm: from website design and video production, to public relations services, and commercials. If you can think of it, we do it.

Why Do Smaller Marketing Firms Offer Better Service?

While shooting additional video content for Doehrman Chamberlain, Cheney will meet with prospective clients in the Indianapolis area that practice in areas other than personal injury. AOI is very selective in its clientele. Unlike larger marketing companies, most of our clients do not share both a practice area and geographic location. This way, we work hard to make our clients at the top of the natural search listings; larger marketing companies have hundreds of clients who share the same practice area and geographic location. It is therefore impossible for them to all show up number one on the search engine pages.  For AOI, our mantra has, and will always be, quality over quantity. In other words, for our clients, they can rest assured that our motives are devoted all the time to making them number one.

Please watch this video to learn more about video production and all other legal marketing services provided by Attorneys Online Inc.:

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