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Legal blogs are not only the best ways for attorneys to show off their personality and let potential clients know about their passions, but website blogs can greatly boost SEO rankings and help a website become more well rounded. The best kind of legal blogs are those that are timely, focused and personable with information that is unique and important- but, oftentimes, content is simply not enough. Optimizing blogs and blog posts to help the overall site rank well on Google is a different beast that many attorneys do not know how to tame.

The good news is that optimizing blogs is relatively easy. Coming up with a formula for each post and making sure you clear your checklist is the best way to ensure your blogs are not only informative and have quality content, but also impressing Google (which, we all know is the end goal on any webpage, really).

Write Descriptive and Appropriate Tags

It is important that your blogs are categorized well and that meta descriptions and title tags are descriptive and rich with keywords, but not overdone. Keyword stuffing is something you want to avoid- which means incomprehensively throwing a bunch of your site’s keywords together to make an incoherent mess that Google will immediately toss. Set up appropriate and descriptive categories for your blogs in WordPress or another publication tool and make sure to properly categorize all posts. Tagging every blog is also a priority. Tag words are usually just your keywords that you associate with your blog and website. Do not overdo it, but make sure you are putting them to good use. Your meta descriptions and title tags are what will show up as a search result. Always make sure your headlines and descriptions fit within the word limit so that your search results are easy to understand and appealing to viewers.

Post Often

Stick to the rule of at least once a week. Posting inconsistently or only once a month will make you look like you are not dedicated to your blog, and readers will notice. Create a writing schedule and focus on meeting deadlines. This way, your blog stays up to date with local or national news, and readers know when to expect new information from you. Plus, the more blogs, the better your ranking!

Inbound Links, Everywhere

If there is one main reason we love blogs, it is because they create so many inbound links. Inbound links are when you link words or phrases in a blog post to pages on your site- that way, if the reader wants more information on “Ohio car accidents,” they can click the words and be taken directly to your website where you discuss more on the topic. It helps with rankings, it is convenient for readers and it makes you look authoritative and informed on the topic you are writing about. You can also link to past blog posts if you are updating about a story or talking about a similar topic.

Blogging on attorney websites should be considered a must- it is helpful for potential and current clients, it is a way to show off what you know and create an expertise for your practice, and Google eats blogs up like candy.

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