Attorneys Online™, Inc. Markets New Law Firm Vanity Numbers

Due to the effectiveness in law firm marketing campaigns, Attorneys Online™, Inc. is proud to announce the expansion of it’s vanity telephone numbers available exclusively to one law firm per media market that now include:

  • (800)LAWHELP
  • (888)JUSTICE
  • (800)BANKRUPT
  • (800)CRIMINAL
  • (800)GREENCARD
  • (888)RXRECALL
  • (888)MDMEDMAL

In order to service our clients better, Attorneys Online™, Inc. is always looking for new effective marketing avenues.  The addition of these telephone numbers to a law firm marketing strategy historically increases the response to advertising campaigns.  Studies by focus groups have also provided information that the dollars expended and return received by having an effective vanity number grow exponentially.  More numbers are available and additional information can be found at Attorney Connections, Inc.

With these vanity numbers, a law firm that is already a major advertiser would be able to reinforce its dominant position.  However, even a more modest advertiser – or a firm with no previous history of advertising – would be well positioned to become a major player in its media market.

Please bear in mind that once these numbers are licensed in any given market, the licensee has the exclusive right to maintain the license forever. The number my never become available again.

Since 1998, Attorneys Online™, Inc., has had a proven grasp on attorney marketing strategies including lawyer website design, Pay-per-Click advertising, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), eNewsletters, BLOGs, Graphic Design, law firm brochures, print campaigns, TV ads, radio ads, media buys, vanity numbers, and lawyer networking.  As The Premiere Attorney Business Development company, we pride ourselves on keeping our clients ahead of the lawyer marketing curve with creative and effective campaigns.  Check out our website for more information about our services including Search Engine Optimization for placement in the organic/natural listings as well as strategies such as electronic newsletters that give your website refreshed content weekly which assists with SEO placement and the development of a customized marketing list enabling your firm to market to other law firms for referral business.

Please contact our law firm marketing consultants today to discuss what marketing strategies are best for your law firm.