Who Will Read my Law Firm Blog?

You may have heard of the latest Internet fad – the blog. You may even know what it is (the quick answer is that it is an online journal where you can post your opinions and latest going-ons and others can post questions and comments). But, the most important question to ask is, who really reads a blog?

Well, according to BlogAds.com, the typical blog reader is:

  • Over 30 (50%)
  • Makes more than $45,000 per year (75%)
  • Is web savvy
  • Actively seeks information on the Internet
  • Clicks on Ads
  • Sees BLOGs as the cutting edge of technology

If you are reading this right now, you all ready fit into this group (at least one category anyway); now, wouldn’t it be nice if all of your clients were just like you?

As a blog writer, you probably have a website of some kind that provides information about your law firm. Your target clientele (or what you typically think of as your typical clientele), may or may not be Internet savvy and looking for information on the Internet – but wouldn’t it be nice to get clients that are? Law Firm blogs allow for that option. If you have not tapped into this resource, you still have time to catch up.

Don’t worry, you can start out slow and brief; before you know it, you’ll be talking to potential clients from around the world that you may not have ever talked to otherwise.

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