The Search Engine Placement Game

Placement on the first search page of the major Search Engines is the name of the game. Are you on top of yours? While Attorneys Online™, Inc. has several services that assist with this, such as our SNAP pay-per-click campaign and our Search Engine Optimization and NAP program, there is another way: fresh content on the homepage.

“Beating” Google at its own game is virtually impossible (even if we master it for a few days, Google catches up). However, one thing that Google admits over and over is that it looks for web pages that have something new to say. While it is great that you have relevant content on your site, if it never changes, Google takes that to mean that you aren’t keeping up with the times. Google will look more favorably (and more often) at a website that regularly updates information or changes text.

Attorneys Online™, Inc. offers eNewsletters, which are optimized for better search engine placement. /enewsletter.html

These eNewsletters supply refreshed content weekly. Legal professionals write Attorneys Online™, Inc.’s private labeled online newsletter articles and this information is targeted to many different practice areas including Personal Injury, Family Law, and Criminal Law to name a few. Articles can also be written and added to the feed specifically for your Law Firm. This content is programmed to refresh weekly in order to give the eNewsletter page of your site different text on a regular basis. Another great marketing strategy is to feature article titles on your homepage. This keeps your homepage updated information weekly as well as giving viewers a reason to drill down further into your site when a topic catches their eye. Featuring changing text on your homepage will help with your search engine placement even more since the major Internet directories seem to place the most relevance upon your homepage content.

To get to the top and stay there, your site should deliver fresh, relevant content on a regular basis. By incorporating new information, your site will remain competitive.

Just to let you know, yesterday and today have been the busiest ever. Lots of calls and e-mail queries. Is something new going on? Whatever it is, keep it up.
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