Give Your Marketing Campaign a Rush With Social Media and Caffeine

Even the best marketing campaigns need a boost – by incorporating social media, you can deliver expertise to the entire world in real time. These multi-link services tell search engines that your firm is active, relevant and maintains your rankings in popular search engines. All social broadcasting services will transmit blog posts that share your expertise with the web. Some of the many benefits to social media include:

  • Deliver your updates via an RSS feed and force feed them into Google, Bing and Yahoo.
  • Automatically update social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin with your content.
  • Directly tie your social media to your search placement in Google. Companies that do not implement a social media program will fade into the obscurity of search result pages and lose business.
  • “Voice” your expertise in a news article and receive links and visitors back to your law firm website- just like how news programs have expert commentators.

Social Media Marketing

According to Kristoff Coates of KICC Consulting and Director of Social Media Management for Attorneys Online™, Inc., “I am sure your law firm is being pushed and prodded by all the legal marketing companies to get into Twitter, Facebook and all the other social platforms. Given the reach and power of these web 2.0 marketing tools they are correct in trying to get you involved. You do however need a plan to maximize the benefit and limit the growing pains of a new system.”

“Caffeine” and Google

Given the new Caffeine indexing system implemented by Google, fresh content has become extremely important. Having an article referenced via contextual links has become critical. In the old days, pre 2001, Google would update their search index every month or two. During 9/11 the Google brain trust realized the folly of this system. Their index system was simply not built for these types of emergencies for rapid news and information.

In order to resolve this shortcoming the Google News feed was created. This second indexing feed tracks live news updates within minutes of new content.
Caffeine Indexing is a jump to be back in first place over Twitter and Facebook for instant user generated content.

A law firm that doesn’t regularly tweet or update information on their blog daily will suffer in search engine results. That is to say law firm websites that publishes daily via instant notifications systems and blogs will steadily increase their position in Google’s search results over firms that do not.

Google’s Mission Statement

“To organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful
How it works: You tie your social accounts into Google and the engine indexes your “friend” profiles; whether your friends are on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or whatever social media web services you belong to and adds those into the standard search results.

So, for example, if you are looking for a restaurant in your town and you and a friend use, reviews that your friends wrote will appear in the search results in order to help you make your choice of restaurants easier.

Now let’s put that into a perspective for a law site.

When a potential client looked up your firm they could read what their friends have experienced.

In the early years this might not have a big impact but over time this could really snowball. Firms that specialize in class actions could see some huge rewards if handled correctly. Just think how well Girard Gibbs could have done with their part in the Dex-cool case. They represented thousands of plaintiffs which they could have leveraged into comments when the case was settled. All the comments tied to the firm in a positive way. In the future those reviews pay back the firm in a constant game of 6 degrees of separation.

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