Surfing the Web with a Little TLC

Time is precious and with billions of sites currently on the Internet and more cropping up every day, it can take 11 minutes to do an effective web search, according to Microsoft. Thus the need for your website to be found easily. Attorneys Online™, Inc. has developed several avenues to help ensure that your site is on the first page of search engines, such as Google and Yahoo for specific keywords and phrases pertinent to your areas of practice and geographic location.

In order to make your holidays less stressful (is that possible?), Attorneys Online™, Inc. has developed a list of search tips to make your surfing expeditions faster and easier.

  • Try using several search terms in your trek in order to narrow down search results. An example would be typing ‘Atlanta Georgia personal injury attorneys’ instead of ‘attorneys’. Or, if you prefer to get out of my mindset, try Little Rock Arkansas Veterinarians instead of just ‘Vet’.
  • Use an exact phrase with quotation marks to help ensure that your results are correct. Typing “Palm Pilots” will lead you to electronic equipment instead of trees or flyers.
  • Narrow your search by using the minus sign. This will help a topic be excluded from your search. Be sure and use a space before the sign to ensure proper results. An example would be Dallas tourism -art to find events such as cultural or religious, etc. instead of museums.
  • If you are searching for information from within a specific timeline then structure your query to specify a range of dates. (Architecture 1900…2000). A website that archives information no longer available on the Internet is
  • Use a tilde in your search if you are uncertain about the spelling of a term such as ~facial.

Attorneys Online™, Inc.’s TLC (Target Local Clients) program helps you get results in the top positions under general terms such as “lawyer” and “attorney” without the big click-through costs of a National campaign. Attorneys Online™, Inc. TLC campaigns allow your listings to be seen only in your local area by potential clients in your own backyard. When searchers go to Google or their partners and search on one of your keywords or phrases, only those within your area will see your listings. With an Attorneys Online™, Inc. TLC campaign, listings precisely target interested customers in your neighborhood who are searching on the Internet for local legal services.

As The Premiere Attorney Business Development Company, we pride ourselves on keeping our clients ahead of the marketing curve with creative and effective campaigns. Check our website for more information about our services such as website creation, graphic design, brochures, print campaigns, TV/radio production & media placement, top listings on major search engines such as Google, AOL, Earthlink, Yahoo and Alta Vista guaranteed as well as Search Engine Optimization and our famous NAP program for your current website to help with better placement in the natural listings on the search engines.

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