Attorneys Online™, Inc. Now Designs Custom and Regularly Updated Legal Content to Drive Clients to Law Firm Websites

The law firm marketing team of Attorneys Online™, Inc. has expanded on its successful roster of services by offering its clients customized website legal content. A staff of qualified writers with legal knowledge and expertise writes the text. Search engines such as Google and Yahoo then recognize the content and respond by giving it better placement when searches are made for attorneys with the specific niche. The content can also include custom legal blogs that are regularly updated to drive the website into better positions on search engine placement. Because custom website content now plays a large role in law firm visibility on the web, Attorneys Online™, Inc. continues to be a leader among those who are able to deliver their clients the most cutting edge advantages.

The major search engines (especially Google) not only rank pages upon relevant content, but also by fresh content as well. What that means to you is that without fresh content your rankings in the natural listings will reach a certain level and then not go much higher; they may even fall. Google sends out its “freshbot” spider to gather and index new material to all the sites that offer it. MSN Search’s spider will also pay regular visits to sites known to have proper fresh content. The same is true with all of the major search engines. To get to the top and stay there, your site should deliver fresh, relevant content on a regular basis. By incorporating fresh content, your site will remain competitive.

Over the last few years, we have seen the search engines give preference to websites who regularly update their content. Updating your site with content-rich articles, recent success stories or interesting commentary and then broadcasting this information to the Internet increases the inbound links to your site. It can also increase the frequency of visits from search engine spiders, which can, in turn, improve your ranking in the search engines.

Attorneys Online™, Inc. content can be used in many ways. Substantial practice area information can be expanded upon regularly. Attorneys Online™, Inc. eNewsletters can now be customized to provide articles regularly that are written exclusively for the law firm. This content refreshes weekly and can be programmed to feature headlines on the firm’s homepage.

The Attorneys Online™, Inc. writers can also blog regularly for its clients. According to CEO, Cheney Winslow, “We know that fresh content is king. We have worked hard at keeping our clients ahead of the marketing curve for more than 10 years. After all of this time, we know that our client’s time, as well as ours, is better spent if we both stick to what we know best. We want our clients to practice law. We take care of their marketing needs.”

Since 1998, Attorneys Online™, Inc. has had a proven grasp on attorney marketing strategies including lawyer website design, Pay-per-Click advertising, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), eNewsletters, blogs, Graphic Design, law firm brochures, print campaigns, TV ads, radio ads, media buys, vanity numbers, and lawyer networking. Check out our website for more information about our services including Search Engine Optimization for placement in the organic/natural listings as well as strategies such as electronic newsletters that give your website refreshed content weekly which assists with SEO placement and the development of a customized marketing list enabling your firm to market to other law firms for referral business.

Please contact our law firm marketing consultants today to discuss what strategies are best for your law firm.