AOI Welcomes Spotswood, Sansom and Sansbury, LLC

Posted on March 21st, 2014 by

It is a great pleasure to add Spotswood, Sansom & Sansbury, LLC to our diverse clientele. As you know, we are a small family-owned marketing firm, so all of our clients receive personal attention. We look forward to the coming weeks of getting-to-know-you conversations with Spotswood, Sansom & Sansbury in which we will glean their vision and move forward to make it a reality. Spotswood, Sansom & Sansbury bring something new to the table with their diverse range of legal services, in that they are more than just a business litigation firm, offering legal consulting services as well. Their modus operandi is risk mitigation with an eye for long term strategy.

Furthermore, Spotswood, Sansom & Sansbury are well recognized for their corporate legal expertise. For example, Spotswood, Sansom & Sansbury were listed on the National Law Journal’s compilation Who Defends Corporate America, the Corporate Counsel’s Who Represents America’s Biggest Companies and Fortune’s Go-To Law Firms.

Most of their clientele are Fortune 500 companies who turn to Spotswood, Sansom & Sansbury in dire situations. For example, a Fortune 500 company received $9 million in punitive damages and hired Spotswood, Sansom & Sansbury to handle the post-trial appeal. They successfully reduced the punitive charge to $1.05 million. They have represented clients in the Supreme Court as well as six of the 11 U.S. Courts of Appeal. As such, Spotswood, Sansom & Sansbury are the ones you want on your side when engaged in complex business litigation.

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