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How To Make A Legal Blog: It’s All About the Conversation

A long time ago, in a legal industry not so far away, every lawyer had a whitepaper, or a newsletter, or an op-ed. Most of the attorneys that did this were trying to get more prospective clients to notice them, but that strategy has always had mixed results. Sometimes the right people would see these print articles and bring their business to that lawyer, but high circulation numbers were what fueled the success of this type of marketing. Well, times have changed, and the internet has turned impersonal crowd-building into hyperpersonal networking. The Difference Between Publishing And Legal Blogging Blogs have stepped in as the new age replacement for print articles, but the similarities end there. Blogging has a special power—it allows your audience to talk back to you, and that means simply generating high circulation won’t necessarily maximize what your blogs can do. How To Make A Legal Blog:…
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Attorneys Online Called About…Vegas, Baby?

Hi, um, readers. This is Attorneys Online, Inc. We met when you, uh, we met when you came to our blog? Or maybe through that guy named Sue? We were playing video hockey? Anyway, we’ll be leaving Austin this week (this place is dead anyway) … we’re just calling to say that it’s great that you’re here and we should meet up – this week, in Vegas, baby! Vegas! You’ll see us at the Wynn Hotel for – [the machine beeps] [phone rings] Hi, this is Attorneys Online again. We think something went wrong with the connection before we let you know why we were going to Las Vegas from April 20-22 for Mass Torts Made Perfect (MTMP). Anyway, sorry to call during your work day, but we’d love to see you! Cheney Winslow, CEO, and Kim – [the machine beeps] DAMN IT! [phone rings] Cheney Winslow, CEO, and Kimberly…
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Meet Us at the Boardwalk Seminar 2016 in Atlantic City!

Cheney Winslow, the CEO of Attorneys Online, Inc., and Kimberly Busch, the Video Producer and Managing Editor, will be in the Garden State next weekend. You may be asking, “What exit?” The two will be at the New Jersey Association for Justice’s Boardwalk Seminar 2016 on April 6-8 at Harrah’s Resort in Atlantic City, NJ. While they’ll be there to say hello to some of our awesome clients at Targan & Pender, P.C., Garland & Mason, L.L.C. and Spevack Law Firm, Cheney and Kimberly are also available to review your current legal marketing strategies and offer their ideas on possibilities for improvement. Attorneys Online Can Help You Reshape Your Marketing Strategy! Attorneys Online, Inc. is a full-service Advertising Agency that works exclusively with those who are in the legal profession. We work closely with our clients to help reshape their marketing strategies so they are able to be found by…
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