Does Your Homepage Stream Video? Why Not?

Posted on November 27th, 2012 by

Our blog has discussed why it is important for a legal websites to have updated and fresh information on the Homepage. Certain search engine crawlers or “bots” scan and index Homepages more frequently than the entire site, and so lawyers who do not update their firm’s Homepage will be listed lower in search rankings.

We have also blogged about the importance of streaming video on websites, as the search engine bots have special crawlers that only read and index video. It is estimated that websites that stream video are 50 times more likely to achieve first page search engine listings.

This got us thinking: What if we combined these two ideas and stream video on our clients’ Homepages? Our in-house video production team works closely with our CEO Cheney Winslow, a former television and movie producer, to shoot and edit high-quality video for websites and television commercials.

Video on attorney website homepages will not only offer prospective clients a first-hand opportunity into your personality and professionalism, but it also is now increasingly necessary to maintain the best search engine rankings possible. So why doesn’t your Homepage stream video?

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