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The telephone number 1-800-LAWYERS is available a limited number of metro areas throughout the United States..? The law firm that leases the number is given the exclusive license for 1-800-LAWYERS in the specific media market for as long as they wish to use it. The number rings directly into the law firm’s office. Each law firm has creative control as to how the number can best be used.

“I have used 1-800-LAWYERS for over 20 years and have never had an unsuccessful week as far as the quantity and quality of cases obtained through the use of it. In a good economy I’ve done well. In a bad economy I’ve done better. The use of 1-800-LAWYERS has been an unparalleled success in all the years that I’ve been practicing law.” Bruce Davis, Esq. Owner of 1-800-LAWYERS and the website www.1800LAWYERS.com.

Bruce Davis began marketing the 1-800-LAWYERS telephone number to law firms around the country after seeing its power as a marketing tool in his home jurisdiction of New York where he has been in practice for more than 30 years.? His experience using 1-800-LAWYERS has been dramatic.? For every dollar spent in advertising, he received several times the number of phone calls his competitors received from the same expenditure.

Through the power of this telephone number, Bruce Davis’ firm became the busiest personal injury law firm in New York City and certainly one of the busiest in the nation. Just in the New York media market over the last 20 years, 1-800-LAWYERS has generated over 1,000,000 phone calls from potential new clients.
The power of 1-800-LAWYERS to draw new clients increases over time.? At first new clients call in direct response to the advertisements but, eventually, the entire community becomes aware of 1-800-LAWYERS and – here’s the important point – remembers the number forever.? There simply is no better telephone number for a lawyer to have.

Please understand that this is not a referral arrangement, nor does Bruce Davis participate in the fees generated by the cases.? If you license 1-800-LAWYERS exclusively for your media market, incoming calls will be routed by the telephone company to ring directly in your office.? Your staff or answering service answers the calls.? You keep 100%of the fee.

Bruce Davis gets a relatively small license fee determined by the size of the media market in which your firm advertises – a fee that would remain constant.? You retain the right to use 1-800-LAWYERS in your media market forever.? But, if at any time, for any reason, you want to stop using 1-800-LAWYERS, you would have the right to do so.? You can cancel the agreement at any time, but Bruce Davis cannot.

You would be free to produce your own television and radio advertisements.? Of, if you prefer, Bruce Davis will customize for your market – at a nominal expense to you – the new TV ad that he is now using, with great success, in the New York market.? The choice is yours.

Additionally, as some portion of the legal marketing business shifts to the Internet, 1-800-LAWYERS licensees are ideally positioned to exploit this new mode of developing their law practice.? Every licensee has the right to participate in the website 1800LAWYERS.com, and to link a local website to the national site.? E-mail inquiries from potential clients are delivered directly to the participating law firms. 1-800-LAWYERS currently get thousands of hits on the websites weekly from around the country.

With 1-800-LAWYERS, a law firm that is already a major advertiser would be able to reinforce its dominant position.? However, even a more modest advertiser – or a firm with no previous history of advertising – would be well positioned to become a major player in its media market.

Please bear in mind that once 1-800-LAWYERS is licensed in any given market, the licensee has the exclusive right to maintain the license forever.? The number my never become available again.
We also have 1-888-LAWYERS which would be included at no extra charge. We want to help ensure that you have no competition in the marketplace.

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