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Law Firm Marketing Since 1998Marketing for attorneys and law firms isn’t easy. Lawyer advertising has to walk a fine line; you need to find your audience and draw in potential clients without violating professional responsibility rules. You must convey your firm’s brand and style while appealing to those who need your help. Finally (and this is the kicker), you have to compete with other attorneys. The truth is that no one knows they need a lawyer until they need one, and to laypeople, attorneys are a dime a dozen – internet searches turn up a sea of white smiles, grey suits, advanced degrees and questionable promises. So how do you get potential clients to notice you? How can you distinguish your firm from all the rest, aside from wearing a bright orange suit (don’t do it)?

Your solution is here. Since 1998, Attorneys Online™, Inc., has been one step ahead of the law firm marketing curve, helping hundreds of law firms and solo practitioners make and maintain strong reputations across the country. We are a full-service marketing company, providing our clients with a range of legal marketing services for internet, print and many other types of media, including:

As the premiere attorney business development company, we pride ourselves on keeping our clients’ law firm marketing up-to-date and successful with creative and effective campaigns. We are a small, family-owned and operated company with a young, energetic staff. We provide every client with personal attention, and we get to know the personalities of every attorney we represent. We help our law firms maintain the tone and style that suits the practice, enabling them to reach their desired client base with relevant, branded and targeted marketing.

Feel free to browse the rest of our website for more information about our services, including:

  • SEO for placement in the organic/natural listings as well as strategies to keep your website content refreshed, growing and keeping up with Google
  • The development of customized marketing lists to mobilize referral business
  • Custom, exclusive content and legal blog posts written by our professional in-house writing staff to make sure your website has unique text, displaying your law firm’s strength while optimizing your site for search engines
  • Informative and SEO-compliant eNewsletters to refresh law firm websites with new exclusive text monthly
  • Thoroughly vetting directories prior to registering our clients for valuable and authentic in-bound links.

Nearly 15 years of unparalleled customer service has made Attorneys Online™, Inc. a major force in legal marketing. Technology is constantly on the move, which creates new venues for attracting your clientele. Attorneys Online™, Inc.’s full service marketing team is able to keep your law firm on top. Contact us today to get started.