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Since 1998

Attorneys Online™ Q&A Videos

  • You answer commonly searched questions
  • Edited short segments with graphics and firm contact information
  • Designed to showcase your passion, knowledge and skillset
  • Uploaded to the firm YouTube channel

Client Testimonial Videos

  • Your happy clients speak for you
  • Allow real people to tell their story that potential clients can relate to
  • Edited with graphics and firm contact information
  • Can be shot in your office or at a remote location

Firm Overview Videos

  • Allows you to tell your story in a longer format
  • Potential clients get to know you and gain confidence and trust in you
  • Reinforce your firm’s place in your local community


  • Legal Video Marketing Pioneer
  • Former Film Producer
  • Professional Broadcaster


  • 88% More time is spent on a website with videos
  • Potential clients want to see a video of an attorney before they contact them
  • 95% of a message is retained with video. Only 10% when written


  • Broadcast quality HD videos
  • Professionally shot and edited
  • Added to site every month to ensure steady stream of fresh content
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