Law Firm Marketing Consultants

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Attorneys Online™, Inc.’s Consulting Service

Attorneys Online™, Inc. consulting services are tailor-made. We develop a customized marketing campaign and work with your existing staff to assist as well as oversee the execution of the strategies. Our consulting services consist of the development of advertising and strategic planning programs. Our law firm marketing consultants will enhance your law firm’s exposure via tactics such as improved designs for your current marketing pieces, development of new and more extensive distribution outlets, as well as new sponsorships and advertising mediums.

We are contracted to evaluate your law firm’s current marketing strategies. We present an evaluation of your existing marketing approach and offer new avenues for you to pursue. We can be retained on a monthly basis to supervise your staff and assist in the execution of various marketing methods and to become your law firm’s marketing director.

Contact us today for a free law firm marketing consultation; our lawyer marketing consultants will be happy to assist you.