Attorneys Online™, Inc.’s Video Production Services

Attorneys Online™, Inc. offers a wide array of turnkey audio/visual production services. With a background in the feature film business, Attorneys Online™, Inc. has the capability to conceptualize and achieve all of your A/V needs. We are able to write scripts, produce as well as storyboard ideas for your commercials, print ads and PowerPoint presentations.We also can help you create online clips for use in a video library on your law firm’s website as well as other social media websites.

For examples of our work creating unique and effective audio/visual services for our clients, please visit the following links:

Watch this to learn more about the importance of video for attorneys:

The Importance of Compelling Video Production

In video clips, Attorneys Online™, Inc. likes to incorporate information about your firm in addition to topics and details that are specific to your practice areas. However, we understand that to reach your target audience successfully, your firm needs to approach the Internet like a cable channel. This means effectively expressing what sets your practice a part from the others to prevent the end user from changing the channel.

Our video production services include:

  • One-to-two minute, custom-built presentations
  • On-location filming
  • Professional director
  • B-roll
  • Green screen
  • Talking heads
  • Professional actors (optional and additional fee required)
  • Computer generated graphics
  • Stock photos (editing. Additional photo fee may be required)
  • Professional copywriting
  • Freeze frame
  • Implementation into your website
  • Video embedding

Attorneys Online™, Inc. can help you get the most benefit out of your videos by conveying both the entire movie as well as carving out your niche practice, which will give those who watch your videos a higher level of comfort. Our style of videos can include reading scripts off Teleprompters in addition to improvised, off-camera question and answer segments. We find that many attorneys relay their firm’s mission and experience more effectively through our improvised Q&A interviews. These videos will allow potential clients to feel as if they have already met you. They will know what your firm is about, and how you can help them with their legal needs.

Utilizing Your Videos in Creative Ways

We can place your TV media buys and upload your videos into searchable social media networks, such as and Facebook, as well as creating a dedicated YouTube channel for your firm on your behalf. We are able to use search engine optimization (SEO) to optimize all of your videos for use on the web, and we can place the transcription of the videos on your site in either a PDF or a text format. All of our videos are available with transcriptions. This allows your videos to be further searchable by the top search engines, which includes Google, Yahoo and Bing.

By editing your video footage, we can also create commercials for your law firm. As a full-service advertising agency, Attorneys Online™, Inc. is able to research and recommend advertising budgets for your practice. No matter what your budget is for media buys, our Attorneys Online™, Inc. media buyers are able to place your ads by negotiating with television stations, and we can often obtain better rates for our clients than they can for themselves.

We Value Your Time and Money

We use different tricks of the trade when it comes to saving our client’s money, and we specialize in getting the most for your buck. This includes scheduling your video shoot to coincide with other law firms as well as utilizing green screen technology to add custom backgrounds for your videos without the need for on-location filming. By limiting our setup time, we help all those involved reduce the overall costs for quality A/V production services.

We also welcome our clients to invite any satisfied clients who would allow us to tape their testimonials about the practice. Depending on the amount of attorneys you have available to shoot, we are able to capture anywhere from 25 to 35 segments per day, along with other action and “pick up” shots we can use for editing purposes.

We can also help you build your law firm’s presence on the television, radio, billboards and the Internet. Contact one of our legal marketing consultants today to find out how Attorneys Online™, Inc. production services can best fit your needs.